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The Theme Show: 9/12/06

Strike the Colors, argh! The Theme Show hast officially surrendered her flag and hoisted The Jolly Roger, and is lea'in' port t' plunder the Se'en Seas.

Ahoy, the Wench Cap'n Ishtar speaks t' her faithful crew:

Aye, listen up ye landlubbers! Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum? September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. In honour o' this occasion, The Theme Show is donnin' tis' eyepatch and tis' wooden leg, and playin' nothin' but songs of, about, or relatin' t' Pirates. Gar!

Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

Arrr, please Don't Forget T' 'isit The Official Site O' International Talk Like A Pirate Day, For More Swashbucklin' Fun:

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1) Talk Like A Pirate Day by Tom Smith with Steve Jackson and The Great Luke Ski {Official Talk Like A Pirate Day Song from PunguiCon 2004, courtesy of

2) A Pirate I Was Meant to Be by Domenic Arnato & Pirate Chorus {from the video game, Monkey Island 3: The Curse Of Monkey Island} 

3) A Pirate Says Arr by The Backyardigans {From the NickJr television show, Episode#101 Pirate Treasure} 

4) Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) by The Disney Chorus {from the Disney Theme Parks ride, Pirates of the Caribbean}  

5) Oh, Better Far To Live and Die (a.k.a. The Pirate King) by The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company {from The Gilbert And Sullivan Musical, The Pirates Of Penzance} 

6) Pirate by Jen Cass {from her album Skies Burning Red} 

7) Jolly Roger by Adam and the Ants {from their album Kings of the Wild Frontier} 

8) The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything by Relient K {a cover of a song by Veggie Tales, from the album Veggie Tales: Veggie Rocks} 

9) A Pirate's Life is Peaceful ('Til Someone Cuts You Up) by Pirate Jenny {from their album Never-Sea Land} 

10) Cabin Fever {From The Film: Muppet Treasure Island} by The Muppets 

11) The Sailor Song by Toybox {I Know It Says Sailor, But Trust Me It's Piratey. From their album Fantastic} 

12) He's A Pirate (Pete N' Red's Jolly Roger Trance Remix) by Klaus Badlet and DJ Tiesto {a.k.a. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Techno, from the Pirates Remixed - EP available exclusively at iTunes} 

13) You're A Pirate by Stefan Karl Stefansson & Julianna Rose Mauriello {from the NickJr television show Lazytown, Episode #119 Rottenbeard} 

14) One Piece Theme: Be A Pirate/You Can't Turn The Tide by Russell Valsquez {From the anime: Shonen Jump's: One Piece - Grand Adventure on FOX Network 4 Kids TV} 

15) Rhymin' And Stealin' by The Beastie Boys {Go Ahead, Listen To It And Tell Me It's Not Appropriate. From their album Licensed To Ill} 

16) Scurvy by Captain Bogg & Salty {from their album Bedtime Stories For Pirates} 

17) What Do You Do With A Scurvy Pirate? By the Backyardigans {From the NickJr television show, Episode#101 Pirate Treasure} 

18) I Want To Be A Pirate by The Ben Gunn Society [from their album The Ben Gunn Society} 

19) The Lasr Saskatchwan Pirate by Captain Tractor {from their album East of Edson}

20) Weird Beard by The Mad Caddies {from their album Rock the Plank} 

21) The Derelict (15 Men on A Dead Man's Chest) {a.k.a. Yo Ho Ho, And a Bottle of Rum} by Jolly Rogers {from their album Pirates' Gold} 

22) It's Great to Be a Pirate by Richard Marcus and Johnny Caruso {song courtesy of

23) Pour, Oh Pour the Pirate Sherry by The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company {from The Gilbert And Sullivan Musical, The Pirates Of Penzance}  

24) A Pirate Looks At Forty by Jimmy Buffet {from the album Songs You Know by Heart: Jimmy Buffet's Greatest Hits}

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